Sally Kelvin

Naturopathy, Vibrational Remedies, Astrology, Crystal Healing & Reiki


Sally is a Naturopathic practitioner who draws on over a decade of experience across a range of modalities, to support and empower others in physical and emotional healing. Her approach is holistic and gentle, exploring where deeper change may be needed to restore balance and health. 

As a women’s health specialist, Sally has extensive experience in addressing conditions such as thyroid and adrenal dysfunction, irregular or painful periods, PCOS, PMS/PMDD, endometriosis, and autoimmune conditions. She offers gentle and realistic treatment plans, and utilises a variety of techniques, individually designed to help with your unique health and emotional issues. This can include dietary & lifestyle modifications, herbal medicines, nutritional supplementation, flower essences, natal chart examination, reiki, crystal healing, meditation & breath-work.

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